Anna is concerned when Katy leaves a lot of food on her plate. Audrey is infuriated when Marc refuses to come clean to Claudia. Tyrone plucks up the courage to speak to a girl at the bistro. Becky storms around to No.8 to get Max back but Gail convinces her to wait until the morning. Tina is growing increasingly frustrated by Xin's blatant affections for Graeme. Tracy and Steve's concerns grow for Amy in the hospital. Chesney is worried by Fiz's decision to leave Hope with John. Tyrone's attempts to get back on the saddle fail miserably. Tommy and Jason do their best to console him. The doctor tells Steve and Tracy that Amy must have some kind of allergy. Kylie is an awkward position when David enthuses about visitation rights over Max. Tina is furious when Graeme rebuffs her advances. Tracy is delighted when Steve holds off on returning home. Tommy bets Jason £50 that he can turn Sian. Claudia is horrified when Marc introduces her to "Marcia" in front of Audrey. Becky's anger gives way to regret when Steve reveals his dash to the hospital for Amy.


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