Steve and Becky are happy, unaware of the ticking time bomb in Amy's overnight bag. Claudia demands that Audrey attends Nick's wine tasting evening. Graeme tries to pluck up the courage to tell Xin that she has to move out. Tyrone is lamenting the lack of rent from Tommy. Norris and Mary are shocked to see the motor home has been moved yet again. Tina and Tommy hug; leading a jealous Graeme to take his eye off the ladder as Xin falls to the floor. Gail is humiliated when Nick asks her to keep out of sight at the wine tasting evening. Xin's thrilled when Graeme promises to be at her beck and call after spraining her ankle. Becky is livid when she discovers the picture of Amy, Tracy and Steve in Blackpool. The wine tasting evening is in full flow and Audrey offers Maria her job back at the salon. Maria is suspicious that Chris has had a hand in it. Marc tells Audrey that he's putting "Marcia" away. Becky confronts Steve about his trip to Blackpool. Tina is annoyed when she realises that Xin isn't going anywhere. Becky is dressed to the nines and tells Steve not to wait up as she's spending a night on the town.


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