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David gets a call from Audrey to say that she's ready to sign the salon over to him if he'd like to call in. Kylie's thrilled whilst Gail's worried. Cheryl tells Leanne how Russ is up for the lead in the school musical whereas Simon hasn't even bothered to audition. Leanne's fuming. Owen hands Gary a wad of cash and tells him it's a loan so he can buy himself a van. Marc's embarrassed and begs Audrey not to tell Claudia about his "hobby". Chesney and Katy carry a tatty old chair into their flat and wonder if they'll ever be able to afford anything decent. Steve assures Jim and Liz that the contract for the sale of the Rovers is being drawn up and he and Becky will be off to start a new life once he's been paid. Tina becomes increasingly jealous of Graeme and Xin's apparent intimacy and wishes that she'd never suggested the sham marriage. Fiz gets a call from Joy Fishwick's solicitor to say that her house has been sold and the money is on the way. Faye moves into No.6 and presents Anna with a pair of earrings. Anna's touched. After phoning several loan companies, Jim fails to raise the money to buy the Rovers. Fiz nervously withdraws £500 from Colin Fishwick's inheritance to pay for all the baby things she bought on her credit card. Gail warns Audrey that she's making a terrible mistake signing the business over to David as Kylie is a work-shy thief. David overhears Gail's bitchy comments.


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