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Steve is indignant as he catches Jim, Liz and Willmore with the books. He's shocked about their plans. Maria is concerned as Carla thinks about extending her trip to London. Steve and Becky are appalled that Liz wants to be kept on as manager and that Jim knows about Max. Leanne vents about Russ to Peter, and Simon thinks that Russ may have broken his DS game. Willmore doesn't intend to buy the Rovers after seeing the books. He reveals that as a licensee Liz must reside on the premises. Tommy flirts with Sian as Graeme and Xin are shocked to learn about David and Kylie's wedding plans. The McDonalds continue to argue in the pub and Kevin does his best to rile Jeff. Sophie and Tommy argue when he offers to give Sian a reiki massage in the cafe. He's shocked to learn that they are lesbians. Tommy meets Tyrone for the first time in years. Liz moves back into the pub but is banned from serving by Steve. Tommy and Tyrone reminisce about Jack and Vera. Graeme and Xin flounder as Ken quizzes them. Tyrone tells Tommy that he can stay with him at No.9. Jim tells Liz that he'll make an offer on the pub. Steve and Becky rue the return of Liz. Leanne and Cheryl bicker over the computer game of Simon's that Russ supposedly broke. Peter ushers an irate Leanne out of the pub. Maria is nervous at the thought of being left alone with Frank. Norris questions Graeme and Xin. Tina is left feeling isolated when Graeme and Xin leave together. Liz refuses Jim's offer to buy the Rovers.


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Notable dialogue

Kevin Webster: "Can I get you a...?"
Sally Webster: "I don't want anything from you."
Kevin Webster: "Can my solicitor have that in writing?"

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