Becky tries to win Steve round but he's still angry with her and worried about his mum. Liz tells Eileen that she reckons it's time to move on and wash her hands of Steve and Becky. After spotting Steve and Tracy chatting cosily she's unnerved. Janice calls in the factory for her P45. She picks another fight with Eileen and Carla has to intervene. She's touched when the girls give her some money as a leaving present. Liz calls in the Rovers and collects the last of her things. She tells Steve that Becky is going to ruin his life and she's not staying around to watch. Janice and Trevor Dean spend the afternoon in the Rovers drinking her leaving money. Gail warns Frank how Tracy murdered her last boyfriend. Tracy's quick to explain how it was self-defence. Lonely Liz sits in a hotel bar. She's horrified when a businessman mistakes her for a prostitute. Cheryl and Lloyd have dinner at Leanne and Peter's flat. When Cheryl tells them she's got an appointment with the headmistress about Russ, Leanne assumes he must be in trouble and Cheryl's offended. Jim tracks Liz down to the hotel bar and she's genuinely pleased to see him. With Sophie away for the night, Sally entertains Jeff at home. She's nervous but when Jeff offers to leave she asks him to stay and they kiss. Jim advises Liz to buy the Rovers off Steve. Liz is taken aback. Tracy orders a ruck of pizzas to be delivered to Gail at No.8. Liz thanks Jim for his advice and it's evident they still have feelings for each other.


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Notable dialogue

Steve McDonald: "I am that skint I'm half expecting Bono to knock on the flipping door and offer to do a concert for us."

Eileen Grimshaw: "You're going to have to speak to (Steve) sooner or later, and Becky."
Liz McDonald: "The only way I'll speak to 'er again is through a medium."

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