Eileen finds Liz distraught on the Street. She takes her back to No.11. Becky tries to run the Rovers single-handed but it's clear that she's drunk and angry. Hayley takes her into the back room to calm her down. Liz pours her heart out to Eileen and tells her how Becky is ruining Steve's life. Sally goes on a date with Jeff. Sophie's pleased for her. Peter, Leanne and Simon arrive back from Cyprus to find Janice in their flat. Janice explains that she's lost her job and she's staying with Julie. Carla and Maria have a meeting with Frank. Maria swallows her pride and for the sake of Underworld apologises to Frank. He accepts her apology and agrees that they're back in business. Janice bumps into Trevor again and he invites her for a drink and apologises for never saying goodbye when he left. Carla tells the factory girls the order is back on and it's all systems go. Steve placates Liz and persuades her to return to the pub saying that Becky's really sorry for everything. Becky, still in a fury, gathers up Liz's clothes and marches out of the pub. As Liz, Eileen and Steve come out of No.11 Becky dumps Liz's clothes in the middle of a puddle in the Street and tells her that she's barred from the Rovers. Eileen takes Liz back to No.11. Steve's at the end of his tether and points out to Becky how she's driven away his daughter and now his mother; and very soon she'll drive him away too.


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Notable dialogue

Julie Carp: "Hayley, why does it happen to everybody and not to me?"
Hayley Cropper: "Oh, it will happen to you, love."
Julie Carp: "...Even you!"

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