Fiz arrives home with a brand new pram and admits she took out a loan using Joy's money. Chesney's worried but Fiz promises she'll repay the money. Faye seems to be settling in at No.6 and Anna's delighted. Eddie puts Faye's comfort blanket in with the washing. Sophie spots a message on her computer from Sian to Chloe. It reads "miss you x". Sophie rows with Sian and tells her to clear off to her new girlfriend. Sian storms out and Sunita tries to comfort Sophie. Fiz arrives home with baby Hope. The factory girls present her with a gorgeous patchwork quilt. Fiz asks Chesney to keep Schmeichel away from the baby. Sunita finds Sophie very upset and drinking heavily. Sophie's adamant that nobody cares about her. Sunita tells Kevin that she's very worried about Sophie. Faye's distraught to discover Eddie's washed her comfort blanket. She explains how it smelt of her mother. Faye runs upstairs crying and vows never to return to No.6. Anna's worried and Eddie feels terrible. Drunken Sophie barges into church and announces that God hates her because she's gay. The pastor tries to calm her down but Sophie heads up to the church roof. Claudia's upset when Marc cancels their date. Audrey reckons she should confront him as it's clear he's not being entirely honest. David and Kylie catch Tina and Graeme stealing a quick kiss. David's bemused but Kylie quickly works out it's all a sham to get Xin a visa. The pastor finally persuades Sophie that God does love her and she's welcome back to church any time. But Sophie drunkenly stumbles and falls from the church roof. Sophie's body lies motionless on the roof of a parked car.


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