Maria explains to Carla how Frank tried to kiss her and started pawing at her clothes. Carla can't believe Maria didn't say anything sooner. Gail rails at David for picking up someone like Kylie. David threatens to leave if she throws Kylie out. Faye arrives for another visit and is tense until Gary arrives and puts her at ease. David introduces his fiancée Kylie to Graeme and Tina. Steve's angry to see Kylie back in Weatherfield. Carla sends the workforce home and makes to call the police. Maria stops her, knowing that it would be her word against Frank's. Faye turns on Anna and Eddie when she finds out they've rummaged through her bag. She walks out of the house. Gary pursues her. Frank returns to Underworld to sign on the dotted line. Carla and Maria are hostile. He admits he was drunk and misinterpreted the situation and is sorry for upsetting Maria. He suggests withdrawing from the deal but Maria insists she's fine. Gary tells Faye she can trust Anna and Eddie. Faye returns to No.6. Xin turns down Graeme's offer of forged paperwork, unwilling to break the law. Steve informs Becky that Kylie has returned. Becky orders Kylie to get out. Kylie assures her that she's not come for Max or more money. She says she's in love with David and wants Becky to give her a second chance. Carla admires Maria's strength in agreeing to work with Frank. Kylie suggests Xin's only hope would be to marry a British citizen. Graeme and Tina are thoughtful. Becky's terrified Kylie will spill the beans about her paying for Max. Steve suggests she goes away for a week and stays with a friend until the dust settles. Chris can sense something is wrong with Maria but she reassures him with a kiss as they walk back to her flat.


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Becky McDonald: "My whole life is a broken record Hayley, every time off it goes round and round, and as soon as we start getting to the good bit, the needle jumps, lands back on the rubbish bit, and we start all over again."

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