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Tracy's intrigued by Becky's row with Sunita. Hayley leads Becky away. Eileen bemoans Owen getting the upper hand by stealing back his documents. Roy and Hayley try to calm Becky but she tells them that she's done something terrible. Steve arrives to take her back to the Rovers. Hayley's concerned. Owen tells Lloyd how Eileen stole from him. Lloyd's shocked. Maria and Carla unleash a charm offensive on Frank. Carla's disappointed when he fails to sign on the dotted line but suggests meeting at his house tomorrow night instead. Lloyd calls on Eileen and offers his help if she needs him. Eileen's touched and they're friends again. Hayley begs Sunita to see things from Becky's viewpoint before taking further action. Audrey and Gail are sick of hearing about David's holiday conquest. They are both dumbstruck when David announces that he's engaged to "Candy". Carla asks Maria to go to Frank's house tomorrow and seal the deal. Dev and Sunita tell the McDonalds that they won't press charges. Sunita understands that Becky was resorting to desperate measures to protect a child. Dev coldly declares that their friendship is over. Carla informs the workforce that Frank's potential order is the only hope they've got at present. Hearing the girls fearing for their jobs, Maria agrees to meet Frank. Gail's outraged that David's throwing his life away on a girl called Candy. David says Candy's coming to stay. Gail can't believe her ears. David tells her to get stuffed. Becky's relieved to be off the hook with the Alahans. Steve's fuming, accusing her of destroying his life at every turn. He warns her that they're finished if it happens again.


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