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Dev awakes to discover an envelope containing £5,000 in cash and a note reading "sorry". Sunita's pleased that the corner shop thief has a conscience. Dev's unconvinced. Eileen's unnerved when Owen cheerfully pays her a compliment. Dev feels that the looter is evading justice and wants to know their identity. Sunita thinks he should just be grateful to have the money back. Owen shreds the incriminating documents he retrieved from No.11 before phoning the police to report Eileen for embezzlement. Lloyd's furious with Steve for prioritising Dev over Street Cars. He accuses Steve of being Becky's puppet, and storms out, warning that their friendship is in jeopardy. Maria's incensed to discover that David's nicked most of her clients in the salon. Maria storms out telling David and Audrey they can stick the job. Tyrone apologises to Julie for being rude. He tells her that she's too full-on but he values her friendship. Julie accepts his apology. Steve tells Becky he repaid the Alahans. She's worried they might trace the money back to him but is grateful to him for clearing up her mess. Owen acts the reluctant betrayer as he gives details of Eileen's crime to DC Tyler. Steve and Becky try to look surprised when Dev and Sunita inform them of their mystery benefactor. Their relief turns to alarm when Dev announces he's going to hand the money to the police so they can track down the thief.


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