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Janice is upset as Leanne remains determined to leave for London. Gail's relieved when Nick decides to throw himself into resurrecting The Joinery. Leanne calls on Peter and tries to talk him round. He's unyielding and orders her to pack up her belongings before he throws them out. Leanne obeys. Sophie's annoyed when Sally arranges an appointment at her college. Sophie maintains she doesn't want to resume her education but Sally's resolute. Leanne tells Peter she's catching a train this afternoon and would like to say goodbye to Simon. Peter refuses to grant her request. Lloyd tells Kevin he intends to buy No.4. Sally asks Kevin to speak to Sophie. Nick asks Leanne if he can flee to London with her. She laughs in his face, telling him that she realised too late it's Peter she wants. Nick's devastated. Steve, Becky and Max return from their holiday in Spain. They are surprised to hear that Tracy's been an asset behind the bar during their absence. Sophie explains to Kevin that she doesn't enjoy anything about college. Kevin agrees to let her quit, provided she's sure of her decision. Sophie's grateful. Xin tells Tina and Graeme that she hates living in her flat as the landlord refuses to fix anything. She can't afford to move out. Tina and Graeme invite her to stay with them at 9 Victoria Court. Xin's overjoyed. Simon sees Leanne after his trip to the dentist and begs her to stay. She tearfully explains that she can't. Peter arrives. Simon vents his anger towards Leanne and Peter orders him to go back home with Ken and Deirdre. Leanne hopes for a reprieve but Peter coldly demands his keys back. Leanne's hopes are dashed.


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