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Nick is both relieved and alarmed when Peter insists that he remains in England and acts as best man at the blessing. Peter credits Nick with saving his life. Nick cannot provide a good reason why he shouldn't be best man. Peter insists they celebrate the appointment. Sally's shocked when Jeff reveals that "Alfie" is his professional name and he's really a modelling agent. Sally tears into him for sending Rosie on a seedy job. Jeff defends himself and it becomes clear to Sally that Rosie may have exaggerated. Sally tells Jeff they should stop seeing each other. Jeff's disappointed. Sophie bids Sian a tearful farewell as she sets off on holiday. Leanne's perturbed to hear that Nick's agreed to be Peter's best man. Lloyd persuades Cheryl not to throw out the tatty armchair from the Street Cars' office. He's impressed by the smart transformation she's achieved so quickly. Peter gathers Leanne, Nick, Tracy and Carla at the Rovers to toast the future. He orders Carla and Leanne to bury their differences and invites Carla to the blessing. Rosie and Sophie are shocked when Sally arrives home with Jeff. Rosie's mortified that her mum's dating her boss. Sophie thinks Sally's moved on too soon. Sally tells them to get used to the idea and arranges a date for tomorrow. Jeff's pleased. Gail and Tina are melancholy as they remember Joe's death. Tracy's baffled by Peter's behaviour. He tells her that all will be explained tomorrow. Cheryl suggests to Lloyd that they could buy No.4 from the Websters and be a proper family. Lloyd's thrilled. Peter fights the temptation to hit the bottle as he fixes his mind on his big revenge.


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