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Sophie finally admits to Sally that she's in trouble for missing college lectures. Sally's distracted by a call from Jeff, arranging another date. Sophie's dejected. Peter broods over his discovery of the plane ticket. Leanne's oblivious. Rosie's still upset about being sacked by Alfie. Sally sympathises while Eileen's convinced that Rosie's milking it. Tina tells Graeme that her friend Xin has got a job in a restaurant. Graeme's still nervous in Tracy's company but Tina thinks they can be friends. Gail quizzes Nick on his reasons for moving to Milan but he snaps at her. Peter tells Tracy about the ticket and forces her to admit that Leanne and Nick have been having an affair. Peter's winded to have his fears confirmed. Lloyd's annoyed when Cheryl throws out all the furniture from the Street Cars' office and begins painting. She persuades him that it will be a good investment. Peter's shocked when Tracy tells him that Ken, Deirdre and Carla knew of the affair. Tracy's puzzled when Peter mentions nothing to Ken of Leanne's betrayal. Peter orders her to keep quiet so that he can handle the situation in his own way. Sophie's gutted when Sian informs her that she intends to go on holiday with her mum to get away from the warring Websters. Tina takes offence when Tracy questions why she would look twice at Graeme. Sally resolves to confront Alfie about his treatment of Rosie. She barges into his office and is bewildered to come face-to-face with Jeff. Peter locks himself and Nick in the bookies. Nick's concerned.


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  • A customer at Barlow's Bookies is uncredited although he has a line of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: A suspicious Peter demands an explanation from Tracy; and Sally sets out to confront Rosie's agent - but is not prepared for what she finds when she arrives at his office.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 9,480,000 viewers (4th place).
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