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Fiz is at her wits' end as mounting bills mean money worries are escalating. Peter admits to Dr Carter that he's feeling frustrated with his condition. He's upset to realise there's a chance he may not make a full recovery. Chesney asks Kevin to look at John's car, which isn't starting. When Kevin and Sally are unhelpful, Chesney announces that Hope has a hole in her heart. Tyrone agrees to check the car. Sally's shamefaced. Eddie and Anna meet Faye again and get on well. They reveal to Hilary that Gary is no longer in the army as he assaulted a policeman. Hilary tells them they will have to be reassessed for adoption. Eddie and Anna are dismayed. Julie organises a whip-round for Fiz at the factory. Kevin informs Sally that the potential buyer from last week is coming round for another viewing. Gary convinces himself that Owen is mocking him in the Rovers. Anna catches them squaring up and intervenes, dragging Gary away. Chesney and Fiz are distressed to learn from Tyrone that the car is a write-off. Fiz is touched when Sally delivers £100 from the factory girls and apologises. Claudia tells Audrey and Sunita that she's been dating Marc but has failed to get him into bed. She cannot understand what's going wrong. Gary rows with Eddie and Anna, accusing them of blaming him for upsetting their adoption plans. Carla catches Peter returning from the shops with bags full of booze. She tries to help him but he rejects the offer, ordering her not to tell a soul or she'll regret it. Fiz is horrified when a man calls at the house looking for Colin Fishwick regarding his mother Joy's death. Fiz is forced to play along and pretend she's Colin's wife.


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