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Owen puts on a fake smile and invites Eileen for a drink telling her that he wants to thank her for all her hard work. Eileen nervously agrees. Gary's depressed as he explains to Izzy how he was wrongly arrested and thrown in a police van which brought back his claustrophobia. John and Fiz coo over baby Hope but Fiz gets upset just wishing they could take her home. John tries to comfort her. Eddie and Anna meet Faye, their foster child, for the first time. It's clear Faye has a vivid imagination. Owen confronts Eileen and tells her that he knows she's stolen £10,000 from him. In a panic Eileen assures him that she only borrowed the money and intends to repay him in a couple of days. Owen's sceptical and threatens to involve the police. Janice, convinced Lloyd was behind the burglary, threatens to sue him. Peter's unimpressed to find Janice still living in his flat. Peter encourages her to move back home but Janice is reluctant. Leanne tells her that she's welcome to stay. Fiz rushes into the medical centre to speak to Dr Carter. He agrees to check over John and recommends that John receive a psychiatric examination. Chris plants a holdall of Janice's belongings in the boot of Lloyd's taxi. Owen calls at No.11 and threatens Eileen promising her that she'll pay for ever crossing him. Terrified Eileen breaks down in tears and tells Sean how Owen intends to get even.


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