Owen makes a start on Eileen's roof. Eileen feels guiltier than ever. Chris pays Billy for doing his dirty work and burgling Janice's flat. The police question Janice about her break-in. They ask her which cab firm she used to get to the airport. She confirms it was Street Cars. Eileen's frustrated to discover she can't yet transfer the £10,000 from her account to Owen's as the cheque hasn't cleared yet. Owen tries to buy Izzy a laptop for her birthday but he's embarrassed when his bank card is declined. He's puzzled knowing he should have at least £10,000 in the account. Janice can't face going back to her flat. She's grateful when Leanne tells her to make herself at home. Owen discovers the Underworld cheque has never been paid into his account and that Eileen's timesheets bear little resemblance to the hours she's actually worked. Ciaran and Michelle realise they've both been pig-headed and admit they love each other. Ciaran suggests she should come with him on the cruise he can get her some singing work. Michelle throws caution to the wind and agrees. They leave for their three-month cruise. John quizzes Joy Fishwick's neighbour and is relieved to hear that everyone thinks Joy died of natural causes. Gary arrives back from his night in the cells. He admits to Izzy he punched a policeman and the army are unlikely to have him back after that. Lloyd is horrified when the police make it clear they suspect him of burgling Janice's flat. Chris overhears and is secretly delighted his plan is coming together. Owen asks Eileen to stay behind at work as he'd like a little chat.


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Eddie Windass (icing a cake): "You do spell it F-A-Y don't you?"
Anna Windass: "With an E on the end."
Eddie Windass: "Oh, no..."

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