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Simon doesn't seem himself and Peter's worried about him. The insurers tell Eileen that the damage to her house is just wear and tear and not their responsibility. Eileen moans to Sean, Jason and Rosie that she's bought a duff house. Eddie and Anna agree to adopt a girl called Faye who'll arrive on Monday. Eileen accuses Owen of failing to point out the faults with the house but Owen accuses her of cutting corners by not paying for a proper survey. Eileen begs Owen to do the repairs promising that she'll pay him back in instalments, but Owen refuses saying he doesn't give credit. Chris meets up with Billy again who passes him a holdall full of gear. Eileen asks Lloyd for more shifts at Street Cars but when Lloyd explains he's given Claire's shifts to Cheryl, Eileen tells him to stick his job in a fit of pique. When Sean tries to calm Eileen down she turns on him too and tells him that he's no longer welcome and he'll have to find somewhere else to live. Simon tells Peter that he's worried Leanne will leave when she finds out he's drinking again. Peter's mortified. Gary tells Eddie and Anna that he's been given the all-clear to return to the army. Izzy tells Gary she'll miss him. Gary overhears Anna telling Eddie that she reckons he doesn't really want to go back. When Carla calls in the builder's yard with a cheque for £10,000 for Owen, Eileen waits until she's gone and then makes the cheque payable to herself instead. Michelle's annoyed when Carla insists she entertains Frank, a new client of Underworld, when she's supposed to be meeting Ciaran for a farewell drink. Janice gets sloshed in the Rovers and then leaves for her holiday with Gaz. In desperation, Eileen steals £10,000 from Owen and pays the cheque into her own account.


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