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Gary steels himself and arranges to meet up with Quinny's parents. Sean suggests to Eileen she could try and claim on the house insurance and tell them the damage was caused by the tram crash. Gary explains to Quinny's parents how Quinny died a hero as he saved his life. Anna listens, horrified to realise what Gary's been through. Peter suggests that Leanne should have a night out and go to the singles night at the Rovers for a laugh. Leanne reluctantly agrees. Peter asks Nick to call round and bring a bottle of vodka with him. Nick does as he's asked and leaves Peter alone with the bottle. Rosie's in the kitchen scantily clad when she spots a man in the yard staring at her. She screams and Jason runs out and punches the man. Unfortunately he turns out to be Phil Dickinson, the assessor from the insurance company. As Gary explains to Anna how he's been blaming himself for Quinny's death, there's a knock at the door; it's Hilary from the adoption agency to tell Anna they've been successful and can adopt a child. At the Rovers' singles night Janice pulls a van driver called Gaz. He invites her to Tenerife the following day and she accepts. Michelle's gutted when Ciaran tells her that he's got a job as a chef on a cruise ship. Eileen tries to placate the insurance assessor by offering him a bag of frozen peas for the swelling. He's unimpressed. Lloyd offers Cheryl a job on the switch at Street Cars. Cheryl's delighted. Simon finds Peter drunk and quietly disappears to his room upset. Leanne arrives home and Peter manages to hide the empty bottle. Leanne's none the wiser, while Peter's disgusted at his own weakness.


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