Leanne suggests to Peter they should fire Nick from the bookies as there isn't enough work but Peter won't hear of it. Cheryl's thrilled when Russ gives her some perfume for her birthday. It's obvious that Chris bought it and Lloyd's jealousy is evident. Rosie throws a hissy fit when a slate falls off the roof at No.11 and misses her by inches. Eileen's only concern is the expense of getting it fixed. Peter confides in Nick he's worried he might fall off the wagon again. Nick boosts his confidence telling him that he has to start believing in himself. Peter's grateful. Anna's worried sick when Eddie tells her that Gary's welfare officer's been on the phone and Gary has missed his last three physio sessions. Tina tips Ciaran off that they're looking for a chef at The Flying Horse. Eileen works hard getting Owen's filing system into order but Owen's thoroughly ungrateful. Eileen quietly stews. Peter and Leanne join Cheryl and Lloyd for a birthday drink in the Rovers. Peter surreptitiously orders a large vodka but Carla catches him. Peter's disgusted with himself and slinks out of the pub. Chris meets his pal Billy at the back of the Rovers and pays him £200 for a bag full of knock-off iPods and cameras. Peter bumps into Nick and tells him how close he was to downing a large vodka. Nick offers a sympathetic ear.


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