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The police enter the Rovers and ask for Claire. Both Steve and Graeme insist she's gone out and persuade them to come back later. Claire and the boys emerge from hiding in the ginnel. Peter savours his glass of wine but Leanne's return prevents him indulging further. Leanne's suspicious to find Nick at the flat drinking wine. Fiz is shocked to read in the paper that Joy Fishwick has been found dead. She suggests to John that he could have been the last person to see her alive and urges him to contact the police. John's alarmed. Claire decides to waste no more time and leave for France tonight. Chris and Maria enjoy dinner at a restaurant. Chris receives a call from Billy and is delighted by what he hears. Maria's oblivious to Chris's darker side. The police hang around in the street hoping to catch Claire making her escape. Leanne summons Nick to meet her in secret and accuses him of tempting Peter with alcohol. Nick denies doing so. Claire thanks Becky for her help. She pops into the bar and bids farewell to her friends. Graeme's sad to see her go. Maria invites Chris up to her flat. She's puzzled by his interest in Street Cars. Fiz fears John will look suspicious if he doesn't inform the police about Joy. While Claire and the boys are driven away by Jason in his truck, Steve and Tina throw the police off the scent by leaving the pub in a cab. Leanne warns Peter not to trust Nick as he can be ruthless. Peter's guilty about his illicit drink.


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