Becky and Steve remain at loggerheads over the loss of Amy. The child is clearly unsettled by her uprooting but Tracy acts oblivious, pleased to have got her own way. She takes Amy shopping. Sally's annoyed to find Kevin in the kitchen and orders him back into the conservatory. Kevin's frustrated. Nick starts work at the betting shop with Leanne, who's clearly enjoying his attention. Ken calls in and asks Nick to find another job. Nick refuses. Ken vows not to allow him to make a fool of Peter. John brings Fiz back home from hospital. She reads the tributes at the crash site, including one from Charlotte's parents. John erupts into tears. Fiz comforts him. Tracy offers to buy the butchers shop from Claire and open a florists. Claire's affronted by the very suggestion and tells Tracy to get lost. Sally advises Tyrone to continue working at the garage and not let Kevin rob him of his livelihood as well. Tracy's upset by Amy's lack of warmth towards her. Deirdre's sure she'll come round. Becky finds Amy in the back yard of No.1 talking to Eccles. Amy tells her that she wants to come home. Kevin commandeers the television for the conservatory. Sally's furious but Kevin points out that he paid for it. Sally retaliates by seizing the conservatory's cushions. Sian and Sophie are caught in the crossfire. Ken finds Amy is missing from the yard. The Barlows alert Steve and they are relieved to find her at the Rovers with Becky. Tracy remonstrates with Becky for kidnapping her but Becky maintains Amy wanted to return.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Tracy struggles to win Amy's affection as she tries to begin a new life with her, and is forced to alert Steve when the girl goes missing.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 10,400,000 viewers (5th place).
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