Deirdre asks Tracy not to cause any trouble with the McDonalds but Tracy's determined to spend time with Amy at Christmas. The Rovers is a hive of activity as preparations for the big party get underway. Tina dresses in a Sexy Santa outfit and Ciaran kisses Betty beneath the mistletoe. Sally allows Kevin and baby Jack to spend the day at No.4 on the condition they eat in the conservatory and keep out of her way. John's aghast to bump into Dorothy and Alan at the crash site. They invite him for Christmas dinner and John's forced to agree to avoid being spotted by Chesney. He leaps into their car and they drive off. Tracy arrives at the pub to collect Amy. Becky's furious when Steve lets her go, fearing that Tracy won't bring her back. Steve assures her he knows what he's doing. Fiz waits at the hospital for John to join her for Christmas dinner. Claire's struggling to hold herself together for the boys on what would have been her sixth wedding anniversary. She tearfully opens the present Ashley had bought her. Tracy and the Barlows bring Amy back to the Rovers. Becky's wary. Claire and Tracy share an awkward reunion. Tracy is disparaging about Ashley so Claire slaps her face. Gail and her family arrive but Peter insists the two families suspend hostilities. Tracy's intrigued to learn from Amy that Becky and Steve "bought" Max. Nick suggests to Peter that he takes over the running of the betting shop until he's fit again. They shake on it. Maria and Kirk descend on Tyrone to ensure he doesn't spend the day wallowing. Mary turns up on the Street dressed as Mother Christmas. Norris and Rita are delighted to find she has transformed her motor home into a mobile newsagents. John struggles to extricate himself from the Hoyles' house. He breaks down in tears, knowing he's responsible for their loss. Tracy curtly informs Becky she's taking Amy for good. Becky flies at her and they brawl in the pub. Steve tries to calm them down but Tracy trumps him by threatening to tell the authorities he paid for Max if he tries to keep hold of Amy. Steve's stymied. Steve's exhausted with the stress and pours his heart out to Lloyd, telling him that he's put himself in huge debt to buy Max. Lloyd's horrified to learn his business is at risk. Nick tells Leanne about his new job. Leanne's pleased that Nick's not leaving town and they share a passionate kiss. For Sophie's sake, Sally allows Kevin to eat his pudding while she looks after Jack. Peter announces to the pub that he intends to be walking by Valentine's Day so he can renew his wedding vows to Leanne in a lavish ceremony. Leanne's uneasy. John finally arrives at the hospital to find Roy and Hayley have brought Christmas dinner for him and Fiz. John's forced to tuck into his second meal of the day. Audrey persuades Rita to sing A Winter's Tale in the Rovers to lift everyone's spirits, but for Claire, Lloyd, Steve, Becky and the Barlow family, their troubles seem to be just beginning.


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