Kevin's spent the night in the armchair with Jack. He feels helpless as Sally, Sophie and Sian won't assist with the baby. Peter returns from hospital in a wheelchair and moves into No.1 with Leanne and Simon, who's thrilled to have him back. Tyrone gathers up all baby items and removes all trace of Jack from the house. Maria drops them off with Kevin. Fiz asks the hospital chaplain if he can hold some sort of service for Hope in case she doesn't pull through. He agrees to give her a special thanksgiving ceremony. DS Miller informs Nick that the explosion was caused by a faulty gas main and was not his fault. Nick's relieved. Owen informs Steve that his cheque for the Rovers' repairs bounced. Steve promises to sort it. He shows a surveyor round the Rovers as he's applied for a remortgage. Guilt-ridden Becky admits to Claire that she paid Kylie for Max. Claire's shocked. Steve confesses to Becky that he's in huge debt and is in danger of losing the pub. Sally asks Kevin to show her some respect and move out to stop people speculating about the status of their relationship. Kevin refuses to leave. The neighbourhood gathers for a memorial carol service on the Street. Ken reads a poem:

If someone could direct me to a street where I could stand
Cobbles beneath my feet tearful with rain;
The shadows of my hopes behind the stained-glass windows of a pub, ghosts –
I would turn up the collar of my coat, walk, number each small, terraced house by heart:
Birthplace; neighbours – hardman, hussy, haridan, hustler, hero, heroine –
Threshold, bride and groom as clueless of next year as Christmas Eve;
Or exit-place, a hearse, a raw and local grief...
Then I'd retrace my steps, perhaps a baby's cry sharp as a sudden star nailed to the sky,
To stand now in this backstreet bar, nursing a beer
All my griefs, my gifts, and glad I live here.

Everyone's dumbfounded when a taxi pulls up and out steps Tracy Barlow.


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