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Claire valiantly attempts to put on a brave face as the day of Ashley's funeral arrives. Rosie's suspicious to find that Kevin's spent another night on the sofa. Norris informs Mary that Ciaran suggested a gas problem at The Joinery could have caused the explosion. Claire overhears and marches off to find Ciaran. Tina helps Graeme as he struggles to prepare Ashley's eulogy. Claire confronts Nick about his failing to report the gas fault. Nick maintains that he switched it off but cannot deny that he should have taken further action. Incensed, Claire orders Nick to stay away from the funeral. John and Fiz stay at the hospital but there is no change in Hope. The mourners join Claire and Joshua as the funeral procession departs the street. Michelle and Carla catch up on work in the factory. Michelle quizzes Carla about Peter, and Carla admits that she developed feelings for him which he rejected. Ashley's wake takes place in the Rovers. Claire bumps into Nick and throws his money back at him, declaring she'll pay for everything herself. Nick leaves sadly. Ken questions Gail about Nick's role in the crash. Gail refuses to discuss it until the authorities have completed their investigation. Tyrone commiserates with Claire and tells her that baby Jack is not his son. Rita's furious with Norris for spreading gossip about the gas. She finds Nick alone and thanks him for saving her life. Nick feels he should never have come back to Weatherfield. Rosie finds Kevin hitting the bottle and asks if Sally's illness has returned. He assures her that it hasn't. Claire slips into No.13 and surveys the burnt remains of her family's home. Unable to control herself any longer, she breaks down, sobbing uncontrollably.


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