Still reeling from Molly's bombshell, Sally struggles to comfort heartbroken Tyrone. John panics as a resuscitated Charlotte is taken away in an ambulance. Rita continues to call for help but her cries go unheard. The surgeon tells the Barlows to prepare themselves for Peter's death. Kevin returns from the hospital and learns that Molly's died and that Sally was with her at the end. Kevin's worried. In the Rovers, Carla knocks back the booze as she contemplates life without Peter. Bill and Pam arrive on the street and learn of Molly's demise. Pam's devastated. They are shocked that Tyrone knows he's not baby Jack's father. Kevin turns up. Tyrone hugs him as Kevin's guilt level soars. Becky slips back into the pub with the stolen money. She hides it from Steve. Claire, Audrey and Graeme arrive back from viewing Ashley's body. Becky's shaken to learn of Ashley's death. Claire's still in shock. Carla joins Leanne and Ken at the hospital. Leanne's puzzled by her distress. John and Fiz pray that Hope pulls through. Kevin finds Sally at home. He's wrong-footed by her cool demeanour. Sally watches Kevin closely as she talks to him about Molly. Drunk Carla admits to Leanne that she's the alcoholic friend Peter's been supporting. Leanne's suspicious about the secrecy. Carla admits she loves Peter but he turned down an affair. Leanne's gobsmacked. Norris, Emily and Mary bump into Nick who reveals that Rita's night out was cancelled and he saw her heading home. Shocked Norris alerts the authorities that Rita must be trapped under The Kabin's remains. Leanne accuses Carla of pushing her towards Nick so she could have Peter. Carla retorts that Leanne's merely waiting for Peter to die so she can sail away with Nick. Leanne slaps Carla. John finds Charlotte on life-support in hospital. He pulls the curtain around her bed. Kevin's speechless when Sally reveals that she knows he is Jack's father.


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