The firefighters set to work removing the rubble and extinguishing the blazes. Dr Carter tries to calm Fiz and John as they wait for an ambulance. Ashley and Nick remain trapped behind a pile of rubble while Peter drifts in and out of consciousness and unable to move. Molly lies unconscious under a beam with baby Jack still in her arms. Claire and Joshua leave a message on Ashley's mobile to tell him they are safe. Jason attracts attention from the front bedroom at No.13. The fire brigade hoist a ladder up to the window, and Simon and Jason descend to safety. Anna's relieved to be reunited with Eddie but panics when there's no sign of Gary. Norris and Emily arrive on the scene and survey the ruins of The Kabin. Norris calls Rita to let her know, unaware that she's trapped inside, unable to reach her phone. Carla hassles the firemen for news of those trapped inside The Joinery. Leanne clocks her concern. Dev and Ciaran manage to free Sunita and she's taken away by ambulance. Ashley clambers over the debris but finds his route of escape cut off by another pile of rubble. He listens to Claire's message. He's alarmed when he coughs up blood. Gary sits at home, tormented by the harrowing sounds of disaster outside. Fiz fears she'll lose the baby as she's put into an ambulance. John spots that he's left No.5's front door open. Thinking of Charlotte's lifeless body inside, he considers going back but is forced to go with Fiz to the hospital. A fireman reaches Molly and carries baby Jack outside to safety. Nick and Ashley attempt to carry Peter away from the collapsing walls of the office. Ashley's feeling really unwell and struggles to keep his strength up. He leaves Claire a message saying that he's about to be rescued and he can't wait to see her. Nick passes Peter's comatose body out to the firemen. Leanne's elation is short-lived when it's clear he may not survive. Carla watches in turmoil. Firemen attempt to lift the beam off Molly but cannot manage it. Molly howls in pain. Becky and Steve reluctantly report Max missing to the police. They pretend to be looking after him for Kylie. The tram driver is carried out of the shop alive. Sally's told that Molly's lost a lot of blood. Steve and Becky are gobsmacked when Kylie turns up at the Rovers. Nick and Ashley await rescue as a beam gives way. They hold it aloft to prevent the roof caving in on them. With no other option, they decide to let go together and make a run for it. Ashley struggles to move fast and, as Nick tries to grab him, the roof collapses.


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