The residents take in the devastation of the crash. Kevin frantically removes rubble from the Corner Shop. Tyrone rushes to help and Kevin explains that Molly, baby Jack and Sunita were inside when the tram crashed. Sean, Julie and Janice tend to the wounded in the Rovers. Maria and Carla come to the aid of Fiz, who's lying injured by The Kabin. Fiz is frantic about John, while Carla worries about Peter. Dev emerges from the wreckage and is horrified to learn that Sunita's trapped. Lloyd and Jason help injured Chris and Kirk to safety before re-entering The Joinery to search for Cheryl. Leanne's shaken as Ciaran explains he couldn't reach Nick and Peter in the office. Nick and Ashley stumble to their feet. They attempt to free Peter, who's buried beneath the debris. Fiz worries when Ciaran tells her that John wasn't at the stag night. Molly comes round and clings to Jack as they await rescue. Tina's relieved when Graeme turns up safe, having gone to see a friend. Gail fears that Nick may be dead. David helps to try and clear the wreckage. Anna's anxious about Eddie but Gary's too traumatised to speak. He retreats into No.6 and breaks down, as horrific memories come flooding back. Lloyd and Jason help Cheryl to safety. As a fire takes hold of No.13, Claire emerges with Josh, Freddie and Russ. Leanne and the Barlows are distraught to learn that Simon's missing. Jason heads inside to find him. John's reunited with distressed Fiz. Maria fetches Dr Carter. Becky searches for Max and Steve in the ginnel. She hears Sunita's cries from beneath the rubble of the shop. Becky alerts Dev and Ciaran who attempt to free her. Jason locates Simon but is unable to escape as the staircase is ablaze. Alone in The Kabin, Rita stirs and weakly cries for help. Dev begs Sunita to stay awake as she slips out of consciousness. Becky bumps into Steve but he hasn't found Max yet. Becky's beset with worry. Kevin and Tyrone redouble their efforts when Sally hears Jack's crying from under the shop rubble. Inside, Molly tries to soothe her son but drifts unconscious. As the emergency vehicles arrive, Dr Carter confirms that Fiz's contractions have begun and she needs to get to hospital soon or the baby will die. John reels.


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