Leanne's caught by surprise when Simon declares he'd like to call her "mum" after the wedding. Leanne's feelings of guilt escalate. Ken's still deeply troubled by his dilemma. Leanne bumps into Deirdre and begs her to persuade Ken that she's finished with Nick and loves Peter. Deirdre agrees to have a word on her behalf. Tyrone's miffed with Molly for rejecting the Websters' invitation for Christmas. She tells him that she wants them to spend their first Christmas with the baby at home. Carla spots Peter in the Rovers and makes a point of ordering a glass of wine. Steve goes to the hospital to give Jim a lift home. He's startled when Jim informs him that jealous Owen arranged the attack on him. Jim asks Steve to watch out for Liz. Peter suggests to Leanne that she could adopt Simon. Leanne defers the discussion. Tyrone tells Kevin that he'll be spending Christmas at home. He's upset when Kevin's unconcerned. Nick begs Leanne to run away with him. Leanne insists she's sticking with Peter. Steve relays his suspicions of Owen to Lloyd, who advises against taking Jim's word. Charlotte watches as John, Fiz, Chesney and Katy drag a Christmas tree into No.5. Tyrone confronts Molly about her sulkiness. As Molly tends to the baby, Tyrone accidentally knocks over her bag and discovers her contraceptive pills. Ken makes Leanne promise her affair is over and agrees to say no more about it. Owen gives Chris some money to pay to the lads who beat up Jim. Tyrone demands to know why Molly doesn't want another baby with him. She tries to fob him off but Tyrone's steely and Molly's on the verge of confessing everything when baby Jack's crying interrupts. Peter gathers Leanne, Ken and Deirdre in the Rovers to toast the future, stating that he's never been happier. Carla observes from the bar, clearly not ready to give up yet.


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