Susan and Peter are oblivious as the wrecking ball starts to bring down the walls of the factory. Ken and Val realise the twins are missing and begin searching for them. Minnie tells Ken that Bobby was in the factory and he realises they might have followed him. He stops the demolition and hears the sound of the twins coming from inside. He and a shaken Miklos carry them out. Myra tries to analyse where the marriage went wrong. She tries desperately to please Jerry with her cooking. Val broods over what could have happened to the twins. Ena accuses Minnie of being too interested in Bobby to see the twins but Minnie in turn accuses her of being jealous of Bobby. Val realises the twins are becoming more independent. She tells an apologetic Miklos that he's not responsible. Jerry visits Myra's house and brings back some of her clothes. She makes it clear that she wants to take their relationship further. Annie complains about the dirt in the Rovers to Miklos but he instantly wins her round by flattering her, saying that he thought the colour scheme was chosen by a professional decorator. Ena tells Minnie that Henry Foster has offered her lodgings again after she wrote to him. Myra tries to tempt Jerry into bed with her but he refuses in case things don't work out between them again. A tearful Minnie begs Ena not to leave but Ena says she's accepted the offer, saying they just don't get on living in the same house.


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Minnie Caldwell: "When you insult Bobby, you insult me."

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