Charlotte suggests that John could split his time between her and Fiz. Astonished John tells her that he'd sooner return to prison than go along with it. Charlotte accuses him of leading her on. John leaves in disgust. Gary bottles out of going to see Quinny's parents and drinks in the Rovers instead. Claire and Ashley prepare to show potential buyers around their house and hope for a quick and easy sale. Molly drops off baby Jack with Tyrone while she goes for a drink at The Joinery with Sally and Rosie. Tyrone takes the baby round to No.4 to see Kevin. Michelle tells Ciaran about her conversation with Peter. Ciaran advises her to leave well alone from now on. Gary tells Izzy he couldn't face reliving the horrors of Quinny's death. Izzy assures him that she's always there if he needs to talk. Peter informs Leanne that she missed Simon's school concert this morning. Feeling guilty that she was in bed with Nick, mortified Leanne tells Nick that their affair must stop. Nick proclaims his love but Leanne's resolute. Nick storms off. Fiz and John question their sanity in allowing Katy to stay with Chesney every weekend. Gary lets Anna believe he went through with the visit to Quinny's parents. David's worried about having further seizures. Gail and Graeme try to reassure him that medication will help control them but David's not placated. Molly calls Tyrone to check on Jack and is unsettled to find they are with Kevin. John bumps into Charlotte in the Street. She threatens to destroy his marriage if he doesn't agree to divide his time between her and Fiz. John has no choice but to agree. He arranges to see her on Monday evening. Charlotte's delighted. Kevin gives Tyrone £100 for Jack's Christmas present. Tyrone's bemused. John lies to Fiz, saying he's tracked Colin down to Doncaster and has arranged to go and see him on Monday. Fiz is hopeful that their worries are at an end. Leanne's tormented by her betrayal of Peter.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Charlotte threatens to destroy John's marriage, leaving him to weave a new set of lies for Fiz; and Leanne is racked with guilt after Nick proposes and tells him she wants to end the relationship.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,050,000 viewers (17th place).
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