David's out for the count. His case is postponed as Audrey and the solicitor summon help while Tina's convinced he's pulling a fast one. Becky's annoyed that Steve hasn't tried to pursue Kylie. Steve admits he's looking forward to a fortnight's peace. David's taken to hospital where he describes his recent blackouts. He realises he must have blacked out before the accident. The doctor suspects he's suffering from a form of epilepsy and refers him to a neurologist for a brain scan. David's stunned. Becky visits Roy and Hayley and pays back the £100 that Kylie stole. Roy later returns it, decreeing that Kylie should be made to pay it back herself. Steve's angry with Becky for bailing Kylie out. Rosie sulkily pays Jason for the kitchen repairs, complaining that she can no longer afford a new handbag. Steve and Becky row over Kylie. Steve admits he caught Kylie stealing from Becky's handbag so she tried to seduce him but he rebuffed her. Becky is gobsmacked. David calls in on Graeme and Tina at the hospital. He reveals he may be suffering from epilepsy. Tina's sceptical but Graeme's less dismissive. Jason calls on Rosie with a new handbag. She's disappointed to see it's a replica but nevertheless touched by the gesture. She leads Jason upstairs. Lloyd spots Maria and Chris having a drink. He quietly warns Maria about Chris' violent past. Grateful Maria hurriedly departs. Chris suspects Lloyd's intervention. Gail's relieved when David arrives back at the Rovers. She's worried for his wellbeing when he explains he could be epileptic. David rejects her concern, stating that she failed to stand by him when he needed her and they are finished. Gail's gutted.


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