Jack reveals that he is suffering from Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and it is too late for the doctors to save him. Tyrone struggles to take in Jack's bombshell. Michelle locates Ryan and tackles him about turning down university for her sake. She orders him to follow his heart and go to Glasgow. Ryan's grateful. Tyrone refuses to believe Jack's life can't be saved. Jack tells him that he's refused treatment as he wants to enjoy his last days to the full. Tyrone's devastated. Kirk gets a bagful of condoms for Chesney from the Medical Centre. He bumps into Fiz, John and Izzy as he leaves and the bag splits, spilling the contents onto the ground. Fiz is convinced that he and Izzy are secretly an item. Sally and Molly get on famously during their night out. Molly feels guilty about her affair with Kevin and realises how much Sally loves him. Katy's alarmed when Owen reveals he's stopping at home tonight. She and Chesney are forced to cancel their plans and watch a DVD with John and Fiz. Jack tells Tyrone he left Connie's house because she's refused to assist with his death if the pain becomes too much. He wants to spend his last few weeks at No.9. Ryan says his goodbyes - Carla wishes him luck and Michelle sees him off as he catches a taxi to the station. Ciaran comforts emotional Michelle. Ken celebrates his 71st birthday in the Rovers with Peter and Leanne. Carla joins them but drinks orange juice. Leanne and Peter discuss wedding plans. Chesney and Katy can't believe their luck when John and Fiz go out, leaving them alone. They seize the moment and consummate their relationship. Chesney's delighted, even when Katy admits it wasn't her first time. She tells him it was special. Izzy tells Kirk that she doesn't want a relationship with him. Kirk's disappointed. Tyrone promises to help Jack squeeze every ounce of pleasure from his final days. Michelle thanks Ciaran for his help. She admits she'll miss him. Ciaran says he'd stay if she asked him to. Michelle hesitates before suddenly kissing Ciaran passionately. Molly arrives home. Jack asks Tyrone not to spoil her night with the news. Tyrone's in turmoil.


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