Kevin shows Sally the posters he's had printed of Sophie. Underneath the photo it says "Have you seen this girl?". Becky asks Roy if he'll give Kylie a job in the café to help her with her case to get Max back. Roy kindly agrees and tells her that she can start right now. Jack and Connie call in to see the new baby. Molly and Tyrone announce that they're calling their son Jack. Jack's touched. Ken drives to Leeds to visit Lawrence and James hoping he can act as mediator between his warring son and grandson. Molly thanks Sally for helping her with the birth. Tyrone tells Sally that they'd like her and Kevin to be godparents. Sally's thrilled and Molly forces a smile. It soon becomes clear that Lawrence is homophobic and thoroughly disapproves of James' homosexuality. Ken's disappointed at his son's bigoted attitude. Kylie's customer relations skills are sadly lacking but Roy tries to look for the best in her and tells Becky he hopes Kylie will continue to work for him. Becky's grateful. Dev and Sunita are stunned when they're met at the hospital by the police and a social worker. The social worker explains that until they can be sure how Aadi sustained his injuries both he and Asha will have to go into foster care. Kevin has no option but to tell Molly and Tyrone how delighted he'd be to be Jack's godfather. Molly's quietly furious.


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Roy Cropper: "Do you have any experience in the catering industry?"
Kylie Turner: "Done a lot of eatin'..."

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