Dev and Sunita visit Aadi and are pleased to learn that it looks like he will make a good recovery. However, Dev's angry when the authorities arrive to question Aadi. Ken offers to arrange a stag night for Roy. He's not keen but Hayley insists. Liz hopes that Kylie's gone for good when Becky can't find her in the Rovers. Ashley and Claire are taken aback when they are visited by the police and a social worker. Claire explains that she works as a nanny for the Alahans. Ashley's shocked when Claire lies that she didn't leave Aadi while he was staying over. Becky and Steve manage to track down Kylie to a house, where they find her playing with her three-year-old son Max. Kylie reveals that Max has been fostered as she's deemed unfit to care for him, as she has no home or job. Ken reads Deirdre his old letter from Susan in which she asks to meet up. Deirdre completely blanks him. Liz arrives for a chat and Ken makes himself scarce. Peter and Leanne arrive at the hospital to visit Aadi. They are puzzled when Simon is not keen to see him. Ken reveals that he's managed to find a phone number for Susan. Deirdre's unmoved. Kylie admits to Becky it's torture not being able to see Max more often. Becky sympathises and tells her to inform the authorities that she's now living at the Rovers. Roy's stag night is a sober affair with Ken, John and Fiz in attendance. Fiz shows Natasha her baby scan photo. When Fiz isn't looking, Natasha pockets it and leaves. Claire tells Ashley that she doesn't want to frighten Sophie and Sian by involving them. Claire's convinced that her history of mental health problems will go against her. She argues with the Alahans for setting the authorities onto her. Claire's certain that she's going to get the blame for Aadi's injury.


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