As Nick warms to the idea of fatherhood, Natasha inwardly panics. Sian and Sophie come up with a plan to join the church choir so they can see each other without Sally and Kevin finding out. Peter offers John a job in the bookies. John's thrilled. Sophie tells Sally her plan to join the choir. Sally thinks it's a great idea. John starts work in the bookies but Leanne's disapproving saying they don't want a kidnapper working behind the counter. John leaves down-hearted. Natasha goes to see the doctor. She lies to Gail on reception saying that she's got tennis elbow. Audrey has a go at Peter for refusing to pay for his and Simon's haircut and tells him that she wants an end to the whole Lewis disaster. Natasha tells the doctor that she's suffering from stomach pains since her abortion. Sophie and Sian attend choir practice, thrilled to get a chance to see one another. Assuming Natasha's seeing the doctor about her pregnancy, Nick bursts into the surgery and introduces himself as the proud father-to-be. Natasha's speechless.


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