In a total rage Fiz starts smashing up Charlotte's possessions demanding to know what's going on between her and John. John tries to phone Charlotte and is shocked when Fiz answers Charlotte's phone. Maria and Natasha continue to bicker and score points off each other. Audrey's fed up and tells them that she's not sure she wants to sell the Salon to either of them. Charlotte lies to Fiz and tells her that Colin and John did a deal. Colin has gone back to Canada so John can carry on teaching using Colin's identity. Charlotte makes out that John's "big secret" is simply that he never resigned from his teaching job. Lewis calls in the bookies. While Deirdre's in the back making a cup of tea, he steals and franks another betting slip. He later places a bet with Leanne. Owen offers Jason some building work at the factory. Jason accepts and wonders how he's going to break the news to Bill. Fiz arrives home and confronts John. John's secretly relieved that Charlotte's kept schtum about Colin's death. Dev's unimpressed to discover that Claire looked after Simon at No.7 whilst nannying for Aadi and Asha at the same time. Cheryl tells Lloyd that she has to put Russ first and it's too soon for them to have a relationship. Lloyd's understanding although inwardly he's gutted. Fiz tells John they need some time apart and she's going to Majorca without him. John's heart-broken.


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