Audrey dreads facing her friends knowing they're all talking about her. She tells Lewis that she wants to sell up, move to Greece and open a B&B. Gail's furious at the thought of her mother living with a male escort. David and Nick enjoy making prostitute jokes and Gail storms out in a huff. It's Chesney's birthday and John begs him to cut Fiz a bit of slack just for the day at least. Eileen views No.9 and tells Molly and Tyrone that she's interested in buying it. Molly puts pressure on Tyrone to hand his notice in at the garage. Carla and Nick survey the building work at the factory. Nick assures her it's all on schedule. Liz gets chatted up by various punters including a hairy biker. She reckons it must be the perfume she's wearing. Sally makes a couple of jibes at Molly about No.9 and its lack of garden. Molly bites her lip. John calls in the café intent on asking Roy for his job back but he has second thoughts and leaves. Audrey's fretting about Lewis, worried she's scared him off with talk of emigrating to Greece when he arrives with a bundle of brochures. Lewis suggests they go to Greece on a recce and find the perfect place to live. Audrey's thrilled and they kiss. Gail's stunned.


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Audrey Roberts (to Gail McIntyre): "D'you know, I reckon there's a great big poster of you on the wall in the local loony bin with your mobile number underneath."

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