Dazed John recovers himself enough to tell Fielding that Colin moved to Canada and that he is John Stape. Fielding departs, leaving Fiz, John and Chesney shaken. Sian assures Sophie that her lunch with Ryan was innocent. Sophie's mollified and Sian leans in for a kiss. They are horrified to see that Ryan has spotted them. John's pleased with the way that he handled Fielding but Fiz has had enough and issues an ultimatum: either he stops lying and forgets about teaching or their marriage is over. John's stunned. Sunita's mortified to discover she ordered two dozen cases of mango chutney while distracted by the twins. Dev feels vindicated but Sunita challenges him to stay at home with the children for a week while she runs the shop. Dev reluctantly agrees. Sian tries to explain to Ryan her confusion over her feelings for Sophie. Ryan's totally astonished. Sian begs him to keep her secret but he's non-committal. Natasha asks Liz to arrange Audrey's surprise 70th at the Rovers. Lewis conceals his shock at Audrey's age. John tells Fiz that he will give up teaching to save their marriage. Fiz is relieved. Sian and Sophie worry that Ryan will reveal their secret. Audrey invites Lewis to move in with her. Lewis tries to look pleased by the idea. John bumps into Charlotte and is horror-struck when she makes it clear that she wants him, threatening to report him to the authorities if he does not satisfy her wishes. John despairs at this new threat to his marriage.


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