On the verge of being ejected from the store, panicked John comes up with an excuse which satisfies the manager. Anna and Eddie choose a sofa and head for the tills. John's massively relieved but also exhilarated. Tina demands an explanation from Graeme but he's adamant they are finished. Suspicious Tina accuses David of pouring poison into Graeme's ear. David denies it but is delighted to hear the happy couple have fallen out. Owen agrees to refurbish Underworld but Carla frets about finding premises to start on Stokes' order in the meantime. Claudia continues to quiz Audrey and Lewis about their relationship. Audrey has enough and tells Claudia to be happy for them or keep out of her way. Chesney tells John and Fiz about the mystery caller. Edgy John dismisses his concerns when Chesney remembers hearing the name "Colin Fishwick" before. Rita attends Sally's birthday barbecue. Sophie and Sian reveal that they will not be taking dates to their school prom. Sally tells Kevin that she'd like to go running with him. Nick suggests to Carla that she could use Turners Joinery to start her order. She agrees but makes it clear that it's temporary and he has no stake in her business. Fiz despairs at the latest consequence of John's deceit. They are unaware of Chesney listening in on their conversation. Tina calls on Graeme at the butchers and vehemently declares her love for him before daubing "Tina loves Graeme 4 eva" on the shop window. They are reconciled. Chesney confronts John and Fiz. Fiz forces John to come clean about teaching under Colin's name. Chesney's incredulous and walks out, disgusted by them both.


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