Nick's furious with Natasha for her treatment of Leanne. John invents an excuse when Eddie and Anna try to wangle a discount for a new sofa from his factory. Fiz is unhappy to note that he enjoys the pretence. Nick's gutted when Paul Stokes informs him that he's giving his next order to Carla. John and Fiz are alarmed when Charlotte turns up at their house. They manage to get rid of her but Chesney's suspicions are roused. Peter sees that Leanne is upset so she tells him about Natasha's remark. Peter empathises as Leanne laments that she will never shake off her past. Nick confronts Carla about stealing his deal without premises or a workforce. Carla says that she will lure her workers back and Nick accuses her of playing with everyone's lives. Carla sends him packing, enjoying her victory. Audrey and Lewis bump into Claudia at a Greek restaurant. Claudia's shocked to learn that Lewis has stopped escorting and settled down with Audrey. Audrey feels threatened when Claudia flirts with Lewis. Claire manages to convince Graeme that he's not ruined his chances with Tina but Ciaran accidentally undoes her good work. Eddie tells John to expect him on Monday for a new sofa. John's aghast. Nick goes to see Leanne. She reiterates that she doesn't want anything more to do with him. Nick wishes her well and says he should never have let her go.


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