Carla's put out when Nick informs her that George is extending his lease on Turners Joinery. Eddie continues to pretend that he has adopted Anna's nephew. Becky and Steve are angry that they are still waiting and summon Dawn, their social worker. Eddie sheepishly admits his deceit. Anna's furious with him. Dawn reminds them all that adoption is not a competition. Becky's shame-faced. Graeme worries when Tina cancels plans to see him that evening. He fears his inadvertent proclamation of love has put paid to their relationship. Hayley bumps into Carla and they discuss how they've been coping since their ordeal. Nick shows the completed order to Paul Stokes. They are about to sign a further deal when Paul's phone rings and he is called away. Natasha reminds Nick that they are due to view Dev's old flat later. Nick insists they have a drink with Peter and Leanne. Peter leaves and Natasha feels excluded by former spouses Nick and Leanne. Natasha insults Leanne and brings up her prostitution past. Nick's gobsmacked. Anna's upset when her nephew stains the sofa with Eddie's food colouring. Eddie admits he has not kept up with the home insurance payments. Anna's irate. Lewis allays Audrey's concern when he gets a call from one of his former lady clients. Carla meets Paul and makes him a generous business offer in return for his next lingerie contract. He's worried about shafting Nick but Carla reassures him. The Windasses and the McDonalds wish each other well with their applications. Nick tries to talk to Leanne about her stint as a prostitute. Leanne tells him she's sick of him and instructs him to keep away.


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