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David tells Graeme that he wants to be friends again but Tina tells him it's too late. However, it's clear that David has an ulterior motive. At David's insistence, Jason lets Tina into the flat to collect the last of her things. Liz suggests that they pick the name out of a hat for "The Fairest Barmaid in Weatherfield" competition. However, she fixes it so that all the names in the hat say "Liz". She feigns surprise when her name is pulled out. Ciaran's suspicious. Lloyd calls to see Cheryl but he's ashamed of himself when he spots her with her husband and son - the perfect happy family. The adoption meeting takes place. Steve takes his Action Man, Becky her cuddly gorilla and Anna her gran's ring, but Eddie surprises them when he says the object which means most to him is his son Gary; who's in the army. In an attempt to cause a rift, David tells Graeme he reckons that Tina and Jason still have the hots for each other. Ciaran pulls out the crumpled pieces of paper exposing Liz's scam. Liz withdraws from the competition as a result. Graeme tells Tina that David reckons she still fancies Jason. Tina's furious and rows with David, but David soon reduces her to tears. Graeme feels helpless.


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  • First appearance of Chris Gray.
  • This episode was provisionally scheduled to be shown on Monday 28th June at 8.30pm but due to World Cup 2010 football coverage was postponed by three days.
  • TV Times synopsis: David sets about trying to undermine Tina's relationship with Graeme; and Lloyd suspects Cheryl's marriage is not entirely happy.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,600,000 viewers (6th place).

Notable dialogue

Jason Grimshaw: "How would you feel if your girlfriend dumped you and then took up with a complete and utter fool?"
David Platt: "Are you being serious?"


David Platt (to Jason Grimshaw): "If Tina's gonna dump you for Graeme, who's she gonna dump him for? A tree stump, or some hubcaps or... a chewed-up old tennis ball?"

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