John sets off for a teachers' conference whilst Chesney, against Fiz's wishes, leaves for the market. John's alarmed when he bumps into Charlotte at the conference and she insists on sitting next to him. Peter asks Deirdre if she'll pull some strings at the council and get Nick's temporary factory closed down. But Deirdre refuses to be drawn into it. Charlotte spots Colin Fishwick's name on the list of attendees. John has no choice but to explain that he's using Colin's name a false identity. Charlotte's intrigued. Jason persuades Tina that they should have a night out. It's clear Tina isn't keen but she paints on a smile and agrees. Natasha lends Nick the £3,000 he needs for the deposit for George. Gail's concerned that Natasha's going to end up getting hurt. Leanne's annoyed when she hears about Peter and Nick's row in the Rovers. She tries to reassure Peter that she loves him and Nick is of no interest to her. Chesney tells Fiz he's going to extend his pet range to squeaky dog toys. Charlotte promises John that his secret is safe with her but demands he buys her silence with a drink. John phones Fiz and lies to her, saying he's been held up at the conference. Charlotte's clearly enjoying their subterfuge.


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  • This episode was shown on Wednesday at 7.30pm as part of a schedule reshuffle to accommodate the 2010 FIFA World Cup football coverage.
  • TV Times synopsis: Leanne is furious at Peter's lack of trust as their rift over Nick grows; John is forced to confess his secrets to a former colleague; and Jason realises Tina is unhappy.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,540,000 viewers (6th place).
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