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Gail decides she's been moping around for long enough and tells Nick she's going to call in the medical centre and see if she can get her job back. Mary suggests to Rita she'd like to help out at The Kabin again. Rita's horrified at the prospect and quickly offers Tina her old job back. Tina's thrilled. Roy and Hayley proudly announce to Julie, Fiz, Ken, Janice and Anna that they plan to get married legally. When Fiz discovers Chesney hasn't turned up for any of his GCSE exams she searches his bedroom. She's horrified to find a big bag of cash. Nick persuades Paul Stokes to give him some business. The factory girls are delighted and Underworld reopens in a makeshift factory in Turners Joinery. Fiz confronts Chesney wanting to know if he's been dealing drugs. Chesney's deeply offended and storms out leaving Fiz more worried than ever. Natasha's hurt when Nick cancels their lunch in favour of a meeting with Paul Stokes. Tina apologises to Gail for the way she treated her and they agree to be friends. Peter's furious to see that George is renting Turners Joinery to Nick. Nick enjoys putting the boot in and tells Peter how Leanne put him in touch with George.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Nick makes plans to rebuild the business in Turner's, but Leanne has neglected to tell Peter of their agreement; and a phone call leads Fiz to make a worrying discovery about Chesney.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,720,000 viewers (2nd place).
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