Tina finds out from Eileen how Tracy lied about Gail's confession and made the whole thing up. Tina's in turmoil not knowing what to believe. David lets slip to Gail how Natasha stayed at No.8 with Nick while she was in prison. Natasha's embarrassed. Nick delights in the news that Tracy's been beaten up in prison. Peter sticks up for his family and Lewis steps in before a fight breaks out. Anna persuades Roy to do something romantic for Hayley. Roy copies out a love poem and hides it in Hayley's cardigan pocket. Audrey's disappointed when Lewis cancels their date saying he's got to work. To Gail's horror, the police return Joe's belongings including his boat. Owen gives Izzy a peace offering and she begrudgingly agrees to go round for lunch on Sunday. Gary says goodbye to Izzy and sets off back to his barracks in Leconfield. One by one all the lads drop out of the World Cup trip. Trevor asks Carla if she fancies going and he's thrilled when she agrees. Nick accepts an underwear order from Paul Stokes. Secretly he wonders how he's going to pull it off. Gail finds Tina sitting alone on her dad's boat in the dark. Gail tries again to convince Tina of her innocence but Tina's still unsure.


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