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The Platts are overjoyed when the jury returns a verdict of "not guilty". As the family celebrates, Tina feels let down by the justice system. Jason tries to calm her. Izzy's annoyed that Owen has found out where she is. Gary tries to intervene but shuts up when Owen reveals that he is Izzy's dad. Michelle calls on Carla. The atmosphere is initially tense but Michelle's concern is genuine as Carla bleakly ponders her future. Deirdre fears for Tracy's safety once news of the verdict reaches her fellow inmates. Trevor tells the lads that he's pulling out of the World Cup trip to look after Carla. They all find excuses to cry off as well and worry about telling Trevor. DS Carr and DC Glynn visit Tracy and tell her that Gail was found not guilty. Tracy's outraged when they refuse to keep their part of the bargain and relocate her to an open prison. Gail arrives back on the street and is shocked at the state of Underworld. Lyn and another prisoner corner Tracy and give her a vicious beating. Chesney asks John to lend him some money for a holiday with some friends after his exams. John agrees to think about it. Ken and Deirdre dash to the hospital when they receive a call to say Tracy's injured. Tracy's in a bad way and admits lying about Gail because she wanted to see more of Amy. Deirdre, perplexed, asks why Gail should suffer when she's done nothing wrong. When she realises just how low Tracy has sunk and when she calls Gail a 'dope', Deirdre is disgusted and walks out on her daughter. Nick tries to get Carla to consider the business. Trevor throws him out of her flat. Gail approaches Tina in the street. Tina makes it quite clear that the verdict does not change her opinion and they will never be friends. Deirdre apologises to Gail for Tracy's behaviour. Gail's incensed to realise that the Barlows knew that Tracy was lying but did not stop her. Gail emotionally thanks her family for standing by her.


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