Roy takes in Maria's bombshell as she dashes to the Rovers to call the police. Tony continues to throw petrol around the factory while Carla tries to fray the ropes tying her hands. Hayley's desperately afraid. Maria tells Michelle, Steve and Becky about Tony. Steve dials the police and Maria tells them that Tony's holding two hostages at gunpoint and has already killed a man. Roy bangs on the factory door and begs Tony to take him instead of Hayley. Tony replies that Roy's pain will be greater if he loses the love of his life. Roy's distraught. Becky ignores the police's advice and heads over to Underworld to rescue Hayley. She enlists Tyrone and Ashley's help. Gary follows. Carla begs Tony to set Hayley free. She reminds him that he had Liam killed for love, and he would be destroying Roy and Hayley's strong love by killing Hayley. Becky comforts Roy as Steve and Tyrone try to break down the door. The police arrive and stop them. Tony suddenly snaps and pulls out a knife and walks towards Hayley. She's paralysed with fear but he cuts her free before throwing her out of the door. Carla's relieved. Roy runs to Hayley and cradles her in his arms. Carla keeps a scarily calm Tony talking as she continues trying to free her hands. Roy tells Hayley how much he loves her. Hayley hugs him tightly. Carla suggests to Tony that they could run away together and start a family. He maintains that between them they have wrecked several lives and they deserve to die. He takes out a lighter and sets fire to the petrol. As the flames appear, Carla finally frees herself and hits Tony over the head with a chair. Tony grabs her foot as she makes for the door. Trevor sees the crowd outside the factory. Janice tells him that Tony's got Carla inside. Carla grabs Tony's gun and shoots him in the shoulder. He dares her to shoot him properly but there are no more bullets. Tony chases her up the stairs but Carla leaps off the balcony onto a pile of boxes. The fire-fighters break through the door. As the flames start to take hold, Carla jumps through them out into the Street into Trevor's arms. Tony calmly turns and walks into the blaze. A huge explosion tears through the building. Underworld and Tony are no more.


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