Elsie, Dennis and Linda spend their last day together. The morning finds them squabbling as per usual. Jill Morris's mother comes out of hospital. Jill is sorry to be leaving the Barlows but looking forward to going home. Steve says goodbye to everyone at the Rovers with a round of drinks. Albert cons a second rum out of him. Val worries that Elsie will get hurt. Minnie wins £1 but won't tell anyone where from. Albert thinks she's been gambling. Len makes a farewell speech to the Tanners, asking them not to be strangers. Jill buys oversized earrings for Irma and Passionate Nights perfume for Emily before David takes her to the children's office. The residents all gather in the Street to say goodbye to Elsie. Hilda and Annie gossip about her suitcases with 'E.T.' in gold on them. David is relieved that Jill has left as he was getting sick of the noise. Irma teases him by announcing she wants a child. Irma gives Jill's comics to Val for the twins but she gives them to Albert instead. Linda, Dennis, Ivan and Paul see Elsie and Steve off at the airport. Elsie tells her children not to worry about her but has to tear herself away from them to board the plane. Steve allows Elsie to take her frying pan with her. Albert finds the competition that Minnie won in a comic - a joke contest. Jerry tells Lucille that her hippy friends are camping out in a house in Union Street. Ena, Minnie and Albert go to the Luxy and discover it's due for demolition, as is the plastics factory. Ena worries as they're right next to the mission. She makes Len confirm that the mission is also to be demolished.


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