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The electricity's back on at Underworld and the workers are under pressure to complete Rickson's order before today's deadline. Audrey worriedly tells David and Natasha that the trial is going ahead and the witness statement may not prove as conclusive as they had hoped. David's panicked. Lloyd bumps into Cheryl in the Rovers. They are joined for lunch by Peter and Leanne and enjoy a convivial time together. David and Nick fear that the police may suspect that Anka has been bribed. In the prison chapel, the priest hands out Holy Communion to the inmates, Tony Gordon among them. Rickson arrives to collect his order from the factory but angrily points out that the product does not match the original design. He decides to take his business elsewhere. Nick, Carla and Hayley are horrified. Ken and Deirdre visit Audrey, hoping to discuss the trial. Audrey is unwilling and asks them to leave but not before Natasha blurts out that a witness has come forward. Tony gives his cellmate Robbie a SIM card the priest passed to him. Robbie produces a mobile phone. Tony's plan is coming together. Hayley breaks down in front of Nick and Carla, the stress of her separation from Roy too much to bear. Lloyd drops Cheryl off at home and tries to kiss her. She gently rebuffs him and Lloyd is left feeling foolish. Nick and Carla are forced to give the workers a fortnight off while they get the roof repaired and seek out new orders. Tony shakes Robbie's hand as he is released at the end of his sentence.


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