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Nick arrives for work, concerned that Carla will have noticed that there's money missing from the safe. He's relieved when she merely chastises him for missing the meeting with Paul Stokes yesterday. The solicitor informs Gail that Anka's made a statement confirming her version of events. Gail's astonished. The workers return to Underworld but are still unhappy about the leaking roof. Nick offers them a bonus if they meet their deadline. Eddie reveals he told Cheryl that Lloyd prefers older women. Lloyd's annoyed. Audrey gets a call from Gail with the news. David acts surprised. Roy concentrates on his work to take his mind off Hayley's departure. Graeme calls on Tina and is surprised to find her up and about. She tells him that she's meeting Jason and thanks Graeme for helping her. She kisses him on the cheek. Jason apologises to Graeme and he hands over the key to No.12. Lloyd picks up Cheryl and is quick to assure her that he's not only interested in older ladies. She's pleased when he offers to get her tickets for a sold-out show. Nick's annoyed with Carla for upsetting Stokes. They start to row but are interrupted when the electricity fails and the factory is plunged into darkness. Eileen lets slip to Anna that Eddie's doubled his shifts since Street Cars got the strip club contract. Anna's furious. Tina puts on a brave face and goes to the Rovers with Jason. The Platts arrive to celebrate the news of the witness statement. Tina's incensed to see them in good spirits and tells them they won't be so happy when Gail is sentenced. David tells her about Anka's statement and insists Gail will be free soon. Tina vows to take the stand and see that Gail is sent down.


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Anna Windass: "Eddie, I told yer to get dressed... it looks like a wino's broke in and found the frying pan!"

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